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The Lazarus Life

We will be starting a new series called The Lazarus Life! We are encouraging everyone to walk through this series with a group of friends from FreshStart Church, meeting weekly to discuss your progress. If you have a group that you meet with, great! If not, sign up for The Lazarus Life on your Connect Card, and we will get you plugged in. Don’t watch this one from the sidelines…get in the game!

What Rich People Do

Next week – You can take every dime from a rich person and it’s just a matter of time before they are rich again. Why does this happen? It’s because they live by Biblical principles often without knowing it. What are they? Join us for our next series and learn what rich people do!

The truth about Islam

So what is the truth of Islam? Is it peaceful or not? How does it differ from Christianity? What should Christ followers response to Islam be? Pastor Scott is planning a 3 week online study. Mark your Connect Card to be a part of it.

College Boxes

Each year we send boxes to our college students. If you  have a student please check their address in the Welcome Center. If you would like to donate items there is a bin in the Welcome Center.

93rd Annual Men’s Retreat

Join us at the beautiful Cedarkirk Camp
January 30-31
Mark the date…Anticipate the food!

Spaghetti Dinner November 15th 6-8

Join us for live music, door prizes, and great food as we raise money for Fresh Start for Kids. Tickets are just $10 each and are available in the Welcome Center. Bring your family and friends!

 Ladies’ Retreat

Ladies we are seeking to put a team together to plan this year’s ladies’ retreat.