Grow Deeper in a Safe Place

EXPLORE the teachings of Christ,
CONNECT to your creator,
and LIVE an abundant Kingdom Life!

Join us for worship this Sunday at 10 am.

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We know going to a new church for the first time can be intimidating. We want to make your first experience at FreshStart a great one!

Who We Are

At FreshStart, our mission is to offer people a fresh start through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and to provide a community in which believers can grow in their relationship with Him, for the good of the world.

“…FreshStart is full of real people that are passionate.
I feel safe and comfortable sharing and not feeling judged.”

– Jerri Walsh

Get Involved

Get involved in a ministry. There are several ways you can connect and impact. We have family ministry, men’s and women’s, singles, homeless outreach, evangelism team and others.

Servant Members

When you hear the word “membership” today, you think privilege. Country clubs, grocery stores, and even websites have memberships today. Memberships in these areas come with privileges that non-members do not receive! Membership in the church is different.

Click below to find out the true meaning of membership to the FreshStart community.