5:00 AM and Listening…

5:00 AM and Listening…

Starbucks opens in 5 minutes, so I can grab my wife’s coffee. I already prayed with her this morning about today’s procedure and doctor consultation. We want a miracle today! We want to feel the healing power of the Almighty, like the woman who reached out and touched the cloak of Jesus.

As I wait for the barista to do her magic, I’m reminded of the things I’ve taught, read, and experienced over the last few weeks.

First, waiting is tough. Especially when you lose focus in the wait. Noah waited over 400 days in the ark. Often, we say were waiting on God to move. God is always moving and working in our lives. Waiting gives us the opportunity to get to know God in a deeper way, to listen to His voice, to worship Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. But if I forget the goal of waiting, I become shallow, complaining that God is not doing what I want quick enough.

Secondly, do we worship God, or do we worship his blessing? Abraham worshiped God at every promise, long before the blessings. Many of the blessings God promised, he never experienced. However, with every promise, Abraham worshiped. This action revealed what he actually believed about God. Jenn and I would like nothing more than complete healing. For her to live life pain free and do all the things, even the simple things, she enjoys and needs to function in normal daily life. We can’t wait for that blessing. The question is will we reserve our worship for the blessing? Or can we worship now, based on God’s promise that, “by my stripes, you are healed.” Maybe we can rest in the truth that the blessing of God is not simply what He does for us but being found in the presence of the Most High!

The Gardens at Duke Medical Center

Finally, God has a path for us. It is a path that He uses for His glory and the advancement of His kingdom. It is also the best path for us to walk. There are temptations every day to get off that path. Yesterday, my wife and I visited the Duke Gardens. As I walked along the path, I noticed a side path. It looked inviting, but it was clearly marked as a dangerous choice! The diversions off God’s path are just as dangerous! Stay focused on the path He has set out for you.

God’s lessons flow daily. Listen today! I am praying for you and we cherish your prayers! Let’s talk tomorrow.