Several months ago, I received a message from a dear friend asking if I would pray about a medical situation in their life. I did. We stayed in contact over the next few weeks as more information was discovered, and treatment options were discussed. At the same time Jenn’s medical issues continued to become more complicated with diagnosis, needed testes and appointments that are hard to get in a timely manner, and constant fights with the insurance company who wants to deny everything and make you fight for your life!

I continued to pray for and message my friend, and though they are halfway across the country, it seemed like I understood in a small way the battles they were fighting. As we compared notes an interesting intersection in our experience occurred. We discovered that both of our families would be at the same medical facility at the same time. We would be able to see each other and be an encouragement face to face. What a coincidence!

Coincidence? I don’t think so. I am not one to believe that God has a big control board dictating our every move; but I do believe God had his hand in this! God’s ways are not out ways. I hate when we hide behind that statement, but sometimes you just must. I am not sure exactly how God works. Beware of people that can explain everything about God to you…they are not talking about God, just using His name. If we can explain everything about God and how He works, He is no longer bigger than we are, no longer “Holy Other”, no longer God.

I’m not sure how the meeting with my friend got set up at a location hundreds of miles from each of our homes, but I feel God’s presence all over it. God has situations He is orchestrating in your life today! Don’t miss the opportunity! Have a spectacular day and let’s talk tomorrow!

Tonight at 9:00pm, we will have an online Bible Study. It lasts about 30 -40 mins and it takes place on the FreshStart Church On-line Bible Study page on Facebook. If you want to join us, you must join the group, so go there now and request to be part of the group. Hope to see you tonight.