Controlled Injury

Controlled Injury

Pain is something we all try to avoid. Sitting in the waiting room I knew my wife was in pain. The doctor and therapist worked on her back seeking to help her find relief. Most of us would do anything to help a loved one in pain. It’s a horrific feeling, knowing you can’t help or that you shouldn’t. And then the doctor shared this ” all therapy is controlled injury.”That made me think for a while.

Could it be at times that God’s therapy the things he wants to teach   us takes a little bit of pain, or “controlled injury”. All week I’m watching people whose backs have grown a out of shape, in the wrong direction be pulled back into alignment with a little bit of pain. We often grow in directions away from God’s plan, away from His will and He pulls us back with a little bit of pain.

As I watch the doctor explain to my wife why she was on a machine that caused her pain I heard the response , ” I always appreciate the Why.” So the next time you’re in pain maybe taking time to listen to the great physician might help us to understand the why……. because all therapy is controlled injury”

I’m praying for you today. You are loved and cherished by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I look forward to talking in the morning.

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