That’s what you hear when you ask a question and no one answers, crickets. Some of us hear that when we pray. We’ve called out to God with a certain request or situational need and we’ve heard nothing. Why?

In Mark 11 we read these words of Jesus.” Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” So why am I hearing crickets? There may be a few reasons.

First of all it’s important to read the whole chapter of Mark 11. Taking a verse out of its context is always dangerous. In the preceding verses Jesus is sharing about  faith in God. Faith is not simply a belief that God exists but I belief that God’s ways are best, faith is  fully trusting God. When we live in this way the things we are asking for are in accordance with his way or his will.  Often our requests are made in accordance with our will. We have a habit of seeking our way and asking God to bless it. God has created us in such a way that his very best for us is his will. Often we hear crickets because were asking for our way instead of God’s way.

What are you praying for today is it something you want for yourself and your own goals? Or are your prayers requesting that which will help you bring God glory? When we pray in accordance with his will we can be assured that whatever we ask for will be provided.

Have a fantastic day, I’m praying that we would see the opportunities which God gives us today to bring him glory. Let’s talk again in the morning.



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