1. What is the ‘fuel’ of love? What happens when this ‘fuel’ is absent?
  2. What is required for Agape love?
  3. Read 1 John 4:7-12; every time you see the word love, replace it with Agape. How did God demonstrate His Agape to us?
  4. What is true about people who Agape love?
  5. How is knowing God like sky diving?
  6. Do you allow Jesus to ‘help himself’ to your life? When was the last time Jesus changed your agenda for the day? How did that look?
  7. Have you ever walked into God’s vault just to walk out empty handed?
  8. How do we receive Agape love?
  9. Have you ever truly sacrificed in your life – where you have gone without so that someone could go with?
  10. What did God sacrifice to show us Agape?
  11. (fill in the blank) Because God first Agape us we are to _________ one another?