Don’t Eat Your Brain!

Don’t Eat Your Brain!

There is a type of sea slug that begins life swimming, but very early attaches itself to a rock. After it is secure in the rock, the slug eats its own brain. When I was young, I was taught a song that called Jesus “the Rock of my salvation”. Many of us have been taught that “attaching ourselves to the Rock” is a good thing. Many years ago, speaker and author, Josh McDowell wrote a book called, “Don’t Check Your Brain at the Door”. The thought is, after many of us attach ourselves to Jesus, we stop thinking! After all, we believe the right thing and know what to say to most questions. So why do we need to use our brain? We just need to wait for heaven. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Jesus is called the Cornerstone! Attaching yourself to a cornerstone is never the goal, building on the cornerstone is. Growth is essential to our faith. Growth is not simply parroting back what we are taught, what we hear; parrots have a very small brain by the way. Growth is wrestling with truth, with decisions, digging deeper then before and discovering new applications for what you read or learn. Growth is being found to look more like Jesus each day!

This week we discussed living in such a way that puts God first, that seeks His kingdom above all else. We said:

  • First – Start each day with the Mindset that this is God’s Day and I am His servant.
  • Second – Ask God to search your heart and point out anything in your life that is offensive to Him.
  • Third – Take out the Trash, remove anything in your life that does not honor the King.
  • Fourth – Lean into the Relationships you have with people that can encourage you in a Christ-Like way.
  • Finally – GROW!

Remember, growth is not just knowing the bible story or being able to quote a bible verse. Growth is when we wrestle with applying the truth of God to our lives. Growth is what people notice when you become more like Jesus!

When I think about this week, the words that come to mind are “intentional focus”! The children have been learning the same messages that we have been in church about the stories of the Bible. There memory verse for the summer is Hebrews 12:2;

fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus with intentional focus and allow Him to use you each day. Get rid of anything that holds you back. Lean in to disciplining relationships. And GROW!

I hope to see you this Sunday either in person or live online! Have a great weekend.