Duke Medical Center

Duke Medical Center

Sitting on the plane this morning heading to Duke! Jenn is going to receive another epidural block in her neck! The official count is 38 different doctors in the last 2 years (not counting eye doctors, OBGYN, normal stuff), 32 imaging studies, 47 diagnoses, and still looking for the answer. Neither of us ever dreamed that our lives would be lived pursuing healing; trading vacation trips for medical trips. I often think to myself, people have no idea what these past years have been like.

And then I looked up. Airline personnel were pulling a very narrow wheel chair onto the plane. The man was tightly strapped to the chair so he would not fall. As the stewards began to lift him into his seat, it became obvious the man had no way of moving his arms or legs. His wife sat in the middle seat coaching the staff on how to lift her husband.

After a few minutes, a young lady inquired about the window seat. The wife explained it would be difficult since her husband could not move. Showing great care, grace and understanding, the young woman climbed over to the window seat. They all laughed at the awkwardness and settled in. I could hear them talking.

The wife and her paralyzed husband going from Florida to North Carolina to visit family. Seriously? Couldn’t the family come to Florida? How hard it must be to travel, the pain and challenge for this gentleman, and the extra care-giving duties for the wife. And where do they get the laughter? I wonder if they ever think, “you have no idea” what this is like.

We all have a story. You and I have no idea of another’s story. Even if they share their story, we have never walked a minute in their shoes, so we have no idea!

Show grace today for another!

Let’s talk again tomorrow. Just a reminder tomorrow night at 9:00pm is our on-line Bible study. Hope you can join us!