NO Bread?

NO Bread?

Your in a hurry to leave for work…..want to make a quick Sandwich to take for lunch…. you pull all the fixings out of the fridge….and then you discover…..NO BREAD!  How frustrating. So you pack a bunch of snacks that will do!

Spiritually many folks live without bread. Jesus said, “I am the Bread of Life whoever comes to me will never be hungry again.” (John 6:35) I have found that it easy to spiritually snack instead of “feast’ on Jesus each minute of each day. The purpose of Fresh Bread is not to provide you a spiritual snack but to encourage your relationship with Jesus each day!

Many people choose or need to live GLUTEN-FREE! (Without wheat and bread as we know it) God also called his people to live without bread for a time. Each spring a Jewish home would become a bread free zone for eight days. During Passover leaven was removed from the home. It’s purpose was to take the focus off oneself and focus on the attitude of humility. When we choose humility we have positioned ourselves to hear from God, to walk with Jesus each day, to reside “In the River” of His love and Grace.

It is my prayer That Fresh Bread will not be a spiritual snack, but an encouragement each day to walk with Jesus in humility!

I am praying for you today! Stay “In the River” of God’s Love and Grace!

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