I’m going to watch my grand-daughters performance today! I love to watch her perform, but that is not what makes her special to me. My granddaughter is special to me solely because of who she is, not because of what she does. But I still enjoy her performance! In fact, I love her so much I’m going to pay money, to buy a ticket to watch her. 

You ARE a child of God! That is why God loves you. God’s love is not based on your performance. However, God still loves to see you keep his commandments. In fact, God has paid a huge price, the death of his son, to make it possible for us to obey him. Without the regeneration of our hearts, following God’s Commands would not be possible!

My granddaughter could runoff the stage today. She could draw attention to herself and decide to do things her own way instead of what she knows to be right. I hope not, it would be embarrassing but it wouldn’t change my love for her. Some of us have chosen our own way. We have not only embarrassed ourselves, but also our Heavenly Father. Jesus says, “If you Love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15) Our performance for God does not earn His love, it does show ours love for Him. 

My granddaughter is going to be happy that I’m watching her today. I’m going to be there because I love her and that has nothing to do with her performance! 

God is crazy about you! Remember that today. You are in my prayers. I hope to see you this weekend either in person or live online Sunday at 10! Let’s talk again on Monday.