Everything at FreshStart is planned and executed with our vision in mind!  Using the illustration of a mountain, we identify where people are in their spiritual growth.  Our service programs and events will be planned to reach people where they are, but encourages them to continue their journey on the “mountain”!

Every Christian’s experience is a little different!  The steps on the “mountain” are not suggesting that everyone follows the same steps of growth.  These steps identify various levels of commitment.  As people climb up and down the “mountain”, they don’t become more worthy but simply more committed.  These steps of commitment could best be described in the following ways:


Jeremiah 29:13

A seeker is a person with interest… they want to know what this is all about!  They usually show up at a weekend service and/or social activity because they are the most non-threatening and the easiest place to check things out!  Seekers should not be confused with floaters who have no real interest in God or Spiritual things.


Acts 16:31

A believer is a person who believes in Jesus.  They understand who Jesus is and what He has done for them, and they believe!  They are willing to listen to a devotional and Bible study, and their response to that determines which way they go on the “mountain” from there.


1 Peter 2:2

A grower is a person who is taking the initiative for his or her own spiritual growth.  They are eager to pray, read the Scripture, study it, and apply it!  They are striving to grow in their understanding of this new relationship they have.


Mark 10:52

A follower is a person who is striving to do what Jesus would in every area of their life!  They are constantly giving Jesus control of new areas of their life.  They ask, “What would Jesus do here?” and strive to do it!

As many Christians grow in their relationship with Christ, they reach a point of realization that they have not totally surrendered their life to Christ (trusted Him with every area of their life; which is a daily decision).  At the point of belief, they did that; but as one grows in their relationship with Christ, their trust in Him must grow also!  Many believers do not want to make that commitment, so they retreat to the top of the “mountain”.  They spend most of their time filling their minds with biblical knowledge, growing and following but have little effect on seekers and floaters in this world.


Proverbs 3:5

A truster is a person who has placed their total life in Christ’s hands.  As God reveals new areas of trust in their life, they surrender their heart fully!   They trust God!  When a decision needs to be made, they seek God’s direction and trust it!


Matthew 28:18-20

A discipler is a person who has a burden for the lost.  The burden is so great and the joy of knowing what they can experience is so intense that they are willing to re-climb the “mountain” with a friend, sharing their experiences and helping with the climb!

It should be noted that a Discipler never stops seeking, believing, growing, following or trusting daily.  They realize that the goal is not make it up to the tip of the “mountain”, but to experience the journey of growing everyday, and they can’t wait to share that with others!

Coming down the right side of the “mountain”, Jesus reminds us that we are the Light of the World. ~ Matthew 5:14