Ever see the movie?  4 friends that believed they would be best friends forever.  One of my best friends at 11 was a guy named Steve.  Steve was a wild kid, living on the edge and not always doing the right things.  In fact in High School Steve and  I grew apart, he got in some trouble and people began to question his direction in life.  And then Steve embraced God’s desire for his life.  I lost track of Steve for a bit but you can imagine my surprise when I got this email from Steve a few days ago.

Hi, how are you doing? I hope you are well. Thanks for writing. It was good to hear from you. Here are a few answers to your questions.

Currently my wife and I are living in the country of Turkey. We’ve been here for a little over 4 years now. Before we came to Turkey, I was an Associate Pastor at a church in Austin, TX for 12 years. Prior to that I led a church planting team in Kazakhstan for several years.

Right now, I am the Team Leader of a church planting team here in Turkey. Turkey is 98% Muslim, with only a handful of Turkish believers. There are also many Syrian Refugees here in Turkey as well. Turkey has been a difficult place to plant churches for decades. But recently we’ve experienced a new openness to the Gospel. The main goal of our team is to start new churches among Turkish people and Syrian Refugees.

We’ve seen a few Turks come to Christ in the last two years, and we’re hopeful to see a breakthrough that will bring many, many more in the months and years to come.

You asked about our needs at this point. As you know for any ministry effort, the greatest need is prayer. We send out a monthly Ministry Update that includes prayer requests, and for those who want it, we send out an email with the latest prayer requests once every two weeks.

Our other need at the moment is for financial support. We’ve lost some support in the last year. We’re running about $1,000 a month less than what we need to live here. We’ve been living off a surplus in our ministry account, but we can’t continue on like this forever.

Well, thanks again for writing. Give me an update on what’s going on these days for you, and how I might pray for you when you have some time to write. Take care.



WOW!  Don’t ever give up on anyone!  My friend Steve is a modern day Saul/Paul. Would you join me in praying for Steve and His wife?  Would you add them to your prayer list and regularly ask for their protection and success.  I will keep you updated and hope in the future we can help them in other ways.
Have a great day.  It is a blessing to be your pastor.  I thank you for your friendship, prayer and support.  Let’s talk again in the morning.
NO Bread?


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